Joan Young asked 11 months ago

I would like to apply for Bank of Vernon Credit Cards? How can I do that? I have heard that they have a credit card with scorecard rewards but couldn’t find it.


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1 Answers
Aidan Staff answered 11 months ago

Hello Joan,
I believe you are located Vernon or very close to Vernon. I assume you want to apply online to credit card. It seems Bank of Vernon credit cards are no longer available. I investigated the issue for you a little bit. I also found the online application page of the bank on their official website. When I get into the page, all I see is

This has been removed for now.

So the cards are not available at the moment. At the least for an online application. You can call customer care to learn more about this: 205-695-7141

Alternatively, we also check other bank branches in Vernon that you can make online application for a credit card and we found that there is a branch of Citizens State Bank in Vernon, Alabama: 315 Columbus Ave NW, Vernon, AL 35592, USA

You can go to branch of the company and apply for a card or you can make an online application from the official website of Citizens State Bank.

Alternatively you can check: How Can I Apply Credit Card in Brantley Bank

There are some good alternative banks which you can get credit card without a bank account. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us!

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