Does Peoples Bank of Greensboro Have Credit Cards?

Maria asked 10 months ago

I am from Alabama. This bank is close to my home. When I check the website of Peoples Bank of Greensboro, I see that credit cards are available for consumers. I would like to get credit card from the bank with online application. How can I do that?

1 Answers
CreditExpert Staff answered 10 months ago

Hello Maria,
Thank you for the question. Peoples Bank of Greensboro is a nice local bank. I don’t think that they are providing online application for credit card service. Greensboro is already very little town, you can visit their branch for your application. The bank located in 1402 State Street. If you don’t want to visit their bank, you can call them from this number: (334) 624-8804

Despite of being a local bank in little town, Peoples Bank of Greensboro providing many good services for consumers. Such as checking, savings, certificates of deposit, debit cards, credit cards, loans, etc. There is also online banking too.

Good luck on your application.