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Wells Fargo is a popular bank of United States with good credit card promotions. You can find credit card options of the bank below. You can apply online to Wells Fargo credit cards through clicking on a card in the list below of the table. but we recommend you to contact to a bank staff before the application.

Wells Fargo is providing one of the best credit card services in United States. If you would like to have one of those cards, you will able to use many useful services with them. Phone protection is one of  those good services which will secure your phone with a 600$ worth insurance.

Wells Fargo Credit Cards List

Card Name Interest Rate (APR) Rewards ($1) Annual Fee FTF Cash Advance APR
Propel American Express 0% for 12 months

14.49% – 26.99%,

1-3 points

Bonus: 30,000

None None 25.99% – 27.99%
Cash Wise Visa 0% for 12 months

15.99% – 26.99%

1.5% cash rewards

Bonus: $200

None 3% 25.99% – 27.99%
Visa Signature 0% for 15 months

14.49% – 27.99%

1 point

5 x rewards points for up to $12,500 on purchases some products. (6 Months)

None 3% 25.99% – 27.99%
Rewards Card 0% for 15 months

18.49% – 26.99%

1 point

5 x rewards points for up to $12,500 on purchases some products. (6 Months)

None 3% 25.99% – 27.99%
Platinum Card 0% for 18 months

18.49% – 27.99%

None None 3% 25.99% – 27.99%
Cash Back College Card 0% for 6 months

13.49% – 26.99%

3% – 1% Cash Rewards None 3% 25.99%
Secured Credit Card 20.99% None $29 + $300 Security Deposit 3% 25.99%

These are Wells Fargo credits card which you can apply for personal uses.

Best Rewards Credit Card of Wells Fargo

Propel American Express is certainly the best credit card product of Wells Fargo. There are are massive amounts of bonus rewards with the card and there are also good reward rates. However interest rate of the card is still a little bit high. Propel American Express also got many praises from different review companies and websites.

Visa Signature is another good rewards card with massive amount of rewards bonus. You are going to earn 5x rewards for your purchases in first 6 months.

Rewards Cards have same feature with Visa Signature but there are some differences on interest rates. You will receive 5x rewards for your purchases in first 6 months as well.

No Annual Fee Cards

There is no annual fee for every cards in Wells Fargo. Credit builder card of Wells Fargo is Secured Credit Card. It is the only card which asks for annual fee at the moment. Other cards have no requirements.

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