How Can I Apply Credit Card in Brantley Bank

Niki Popham asked 9 months ago

I would like to apply for credit card in Brantley Bank. However I haven’t seen any credit card options in the official website of the bank. How can I apply for a card?

2 Answers
CreditExpert Staff answered 9 months ago

Welcome to Credit Cards Center Niki.
Thanks for the question. If you would like to apply online to credit card, unfortunately the bank doesn’t provide this service online for consumers at the moment. As far as we investigated this issue, there is not also any credit card service of the bank.
Sometimes local banks can work with Elan or other credit card services though. We recommend you to call Brantley bank and ask them if they provide any credit card for consumers. It seems the bank is only providing debit cards. There are also personal loan options if you need cash. You can call this number to contact customer care of Brantley Bank: (334) 527-0047

Aidan Staff answered 9 months ago

I agree to Credit Expert to call bank first. However since I am experienced on this issues, I believe there is not any card of the company at the moment.
It seems you are living in a little town, you will not find any bank which you can obtain a credit card. However there are still banks that you can online apply without a bank account. These can be some good opportunities for you. These are also close to Brantley, AL.

These banks are in Montgomery. So these are close to you if you are living in Brantley or if you are close to Brantley.