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  • You will receive high amount of cash back when you purchase from Rei co-op.
  • Minimum APR rate is low.
  • You can receive 2% back when you purchase with mobile wallet.
  • There is not any annual fee of the card.
  • You won't pay extras for foreign transactions.


  • Cash back categories are very limited.

Rei Co-Op Mastercard Credit Card Reviews


With the new Rei Co-Op Mastercard, now you can help the outdoors easily and for free! Do you want to protect the nature? Then you are looking to the rightest credit card you can ever find! Here the details you may wonder.

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Save the World with Rei Co-op Mastercard Credit Card

If you want to be the environment saver, this credit card is just for you becaue all around the world people want to save the world and these people use only Rei Co-Cop Mastercard. How? Let’s see how.

Every single year, Rei credit card helps the world with its donation. National Forest Foundation get donation from REI every year via this credit card users. So you have a chance to save the world with credit card! With this donations you can save the rivers, forests and nature!

Earn Gift Card and Dividend via Rei Co –Op Mastercard

If you make a shopping transaction with your Rei Mastercard within the 60 days, you will directly earn 100 dollar gift card! All you need to do is making a purchasing transaction as soon as possible and 100 dollars gift card will be yours!

Earn Divident with Rei Co –Op Mastercard

%5 Back

By using your Rei Co –Op Mastercard, you can now grow your dividend! 5% back at REI. Anything about the sale rack to latest kayak shopping.

%1 Back

Lattes, entertainment spendings and your monthly regular bills will make a great difference on this opportunity!

You can plus REI member dividend.

Generally it is valid on %10 eligibile shopping transactions.


After a year later, you are able to see how much you have got with your Rei Co-op Mastercard.

All you need to do is now apply to the new Rei Co-op Mastercard to save the world and earn unique gifts and dividend. If you want to learn more details about the Rei Credit Card, all you need is to contact with the bank. For more information about Rei Mastercard, stay tuned us.

Rei Credit Card Rates & Fees

Interest Rate (APR) Rewards ($1) Annual Fee FTF(*) Cash Advance Fee Cash Advance APR Balance Transfer Fee Balance Transfer APR
Regular: 12,99 – 24,99 5% back from purchases at REI. There is additionally 2% back from mobile wallet purchases.

1% back at  all other purchases.

No Annual Fee. No Foreign Transaction Fee. $5 or 4% 25.99% $5 or 3% Regular: 12,99 – 24,99

FTF: Foreign Transaction Fee

Editor Scores for Rei Mastercard

Type of Card Editor Score Overall Score Total Cards
General 202 200 100
No Annual 180 166 60
Cash Back 175 123 26

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