Suzann Woodard asked 11 months ago

I would like to make an online application to Southern Independent Bank Credit Card. However there is nothing about that on the company’s page. There is also no information on features of the card. Anyone has knowledge about that?


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1 Answers
Brenda Staff answered 11 months ago


Yes, Southern Independent Bank has mentioned about a credit card service in their official website. Unfortunately some of those banks prefer to invite clients first instead of an online application. Southern Independent Bank is one of those banks. You need to go to a branch of the bank and ask about their credit service. Or you will need to call the bank and ask about the card. However don’t get surprised if they don’t provide consumers. Most of local banks of United States are not providing cards to consumers now. So this information can also be outdated. We recommend you to call the bank first. This is the customer care service number of the bank: 334-428-2265

If you would like to visit the branch in Andalusia:

1417 Dr. MLK Jr. Expressway Andalusia, AL 36420

There is also another branch in Opp:

503 North Main St. Opp, AL 36467

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