How to Apply for Regions Credit Card?


There are 4 consumer and 2 business credit cards in Regions Bank. You can obtain these cards with online application. You can check all of these Regions cards in our pages and decide to pick one. We are going to tell you how to apply for Regions Credit Card on this page for you. Please don’t look at our reviews and make decision for your card before the application.

Apply for Regions credit card. Step by step with pictures…

  1. Go to official website of Regions first.
  2. Click on credit cards in the main page.
  3. Click on apply now button under the credit card which you want to own.
  4. Read what you need for the credit card application and if you have all necessary documents scroll down. These documents can also be different for each cards. So don’t take written terms below as a source for every cards.
  5. If you are a new customer, click on new customer button. If you are an existing customer, then click on Existing Customer Button.
  6. All cards will ask you to have a promotional code. You will need to call Regions Bank Credit Card Customer Care service for this or you will need to visit a bank to get a promotional code.
  7. As a new customer, you will need to provide all required documents. If you are a existing customer, you will need to verify your account with online banking.

You need to follow all instructions and apply for Regions Credit Card.

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Which cards you can apply online?

There are four cards in Regions Bank. If you want to apply for Regions credit card, you can apply those cards online…

Unfortunately you can’t apply online for Regions Explore Card, you will need to visit a Regions Bank branch for this secured card opportunity.

You will need to verify that you have an account on Regions Bank before the application. So we recommend you to call the bank before apply for Regions credit card.

Do You Need a Bank Account for Applying Regions Credit Cards?

Unfortunately Regions Bank requires you to have a bank account before applying to Regions Card. You will need to be U.S. citizen for this. You should be a relative of foreign official or an associate. Otherwise you won’t able to apply for the card. Regions Bank cards are not available for immigrants and foreigners in the country.

Call Regions Bank for Phone Application

You can also call regions bank for an online application. All you need to do is caling 1-800-734-4667 for this. A banker is going to help you about this.

We have told you how to apply for Regions Credit Card online and telephone. If you have any questions regarding these cards and application process, please let us know.

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