How to Apply BBVA Credit Cards?

BBVA Compass Credit Cards

If you would like to get a credit card from BBVA, you can apply through phone banking or visiting a branch. However if you are living out of some states, you won’t able to apply some cards of the bank. We are going to tell you about those states and how to apply BBVA for getting a credit card below.

Apply BBVA Credit Card

There are two ways to apply BBVA credit cards. You can apply through call the bank or you can apply through finding the nearest branch to you.

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Rewards Card

Rewards card of the company can be applied from the whole states of the country. However you will need to visit a branch of BBVA or you will need to ask for a call to get this card. You can click on the call button or call back button below to get in touch with BBVA. You will need to be from AL, AZ, CA, CO, TX, FL or NM for call back.

BBVA Rewards Card

ClearPoints Card

ClearPoints Card is a popular credit card of BBVA. You can apply for this card through BBVA branches and requesting a call. For requesting a call from the bank (call back), you will need to be one of these states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • New Mexico

BBVA ClearPoints Credit Card

Select Card

Select Card is another good credit card that you can apply. However for applying this card you need to be citizen of one of those states that we counted above. If you are living out of those states, you will not able to get this card. You can take a look at closest branch to you for applying it.

BBVA Select Credit Card


This card is good for those who wants to have a credit builder card. You can get it if you are living one of those states we told you above in the list. If you are not living in those states, you won’t able to get the optimizer. It is only available for them.

BBVA Optimizer Credit Card

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