Discover Student Chrome

Discover Student Chrome

Discover Student Chrome Credit Card


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  • 2% cash back to gas and restaurant purchases. It is very good for student credit card.
  • 1% cash back for all other purchases.
  • Cash back match is awesome opportunity for students.
  • 6 months 0% APR on purchases.
  • Also 6 months 10.99% APR for balance transfers.
  • Discover Student Chrome Credit Card has no annual fee.
  • Low balance transfer fee with 3% rate.


  • High interest rates.


Discover Student Chrome card is one of good cards for students. There are good cash back opportunities on the card. Especially if you are spending for gas and restaurants. You can see our detailed review on this card below. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the card or our review.

Discover Student Chrome Interest Rates & Fees

Minimum APR of the card is very good but if it is your first time to get a credit card, you will face with a high interest rate like 24.24%. There is still an introductory period for purchases but it is for short time. Only 6 months. There is also introductory period for balance transfers too and it is 10.99% for 6 months.

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There is no annual fee of Discover Student Chrome and this is a good advantage for students.

The balance transfer fee is low. However cash advance fees are high with $10 minimum and 5% maximum rates.

As same as other Discover it cards, there is not any statement about foreign transaction fee of the card. So we recommend you to contact Discover it customer services to learn more about this issue. If you are not buying from abroad or foreign shops, you can ignore this though.

Discover Student Chrome Rewards & Bonuses

Discover Student Chrome is providing 2% cash back for gas and restaurant. This is limited with $1000 purchase for each quarters of the year. Rest of purchases will be rewarded with 1% cash back. Cash back rates not bad for a student card.

You can get bonus statement credit if you be successful in the school and it is $20. This is not much but since this is extra we are not going to complain about this.

There is also cash back match after 12 billing later. It means you will be rewarded with all cash back that could manage to collect in a year. So If you collect 5000 cash back, you are going to get 5000. 2500=2500… This is also very good feature for a student card.


We believe that this is one of best student cards, despite of high rates. We recommend you to not to use this card for Cash Advance. Then it will be quite good for you.

Discover Student Chrome Rates & Fees

Interest Rate (APR) Rewards ($1) Annual Fee FTF(*) Cash Advance Fee Cash Advance APR Balance Transfer Fee Balance Transfer APR
0% for 6 months.

15.24% – 24.24%

2% cash back on gas and restaurant purchases. This is limited with $1000 in each quarter.

1% cash back for all other purchases.

$20 available on successful grade. See the credit issuer website.

There is a cash back match available in the card as same as other Discover it cards.

None Unknown $10 or 5% 27.24% 3% 10.99% APR for first 6 months.

15.24% – 24.24%

FTF: Foreign Transaction Fee

Discover Student Chrome Editor Scores

Type of Card Editor Score Overall Score Total Cards
Student 165 135 2

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