How Much Are Foreign Transaction Fees on Wells Fargo Credit Cards



I would like to get one of those Wells Fargo credit cards. Foreign Transaction Fee is 3% for every cards of Wells Fargo. I have seen that some companies don’t require payment for foreign transactions.

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Hello Neill,
Welcome to our community and thank you for the question. Yes, all of Wells Fargo credit cards require 3% fee of your each foreign purchases. There is not any Wells Fargo Credit Card with no foreign transaction fees at the moment. However company’s credit cards offering good amount of bonuses and rewards when you compare with other companies. So you can still consider about those cards. Wells Fargo Visa Signature is a good opportunity I believe. If you check editor scores of the card, you will already understand that.

You don’t also have to pay annual fee for most of those cards except secured card option.

Originally posted 2020-11-16 17:47:13.


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