Home Questions and Answers What is Interest Rate for Regions Bank Credit Card? Any 0% APR for 18 Months?

What is Interest Rate for Regions Bank Credit Card? Any 0% APR for 18 Months?


What is interest rate of Regions Bank credit card? Is there any card with 0% APR for 18 months?

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Thank you for the question Ashleigh. 4 credit cards are available for consumers in Regions Bank at the moment. One of those cards for credit rebuilding and building credit history. So it is not for you at all.

Regions Prestige Visa is 0% for 12 months. There is no annual fee and foreign transaction fee.

Regions Life Visa is 0% for 15 months. There is also no annual and foreign transaction fees with this card too. However there are no rewards points and cash back rewards with this card.

Regions Premium Visa is 0% for 12 months. Annual fee is $125. There are better rewards points and bonuses with this card when we compare it with other cards of the bank.

Our editor score is already showing that Regions Premium Visa is the best (in Regions Bank Cards) as a zero interest card. Besides APR is very low too. See the below for APR…

Regions Prestige Visa: 14.99%-23.99%
Regions Life Visa:13.99% – %22.99
Regions Premium Visa: 13.99%

You can pick one of those cards if you really want a card from Regions Bank. You can also check alternatives in our website. Unfortunately there is not any 0% APR credit card for 18 months in Regions Bank at the moment.

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