Best 5 Credit Cards to Rebuild Bad Credit (2019)


If you need to rebuild bad credit score, you need the best cards which are providing the best opportunities of 2019 to you. We provided those cards for you on here. You can check the top list for fix the bad credit below. We hope our list is going to guide you.

5U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card

U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card is a card with low fees and rate. There is $29 annual fee of the card. Current rate of the APR is 21.14% at the moment. This is a low rate when it is compared with other cards. There are no rewards of the card.

U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card

4Blue from American Express

Blue from American Express is one of good credit cards that you can rebuild credit pretty fast because of good features of the card. You will receive 1x rewards points for your each $1 worth purchases. There is no annual fee of the card and fees and rates are quite reasonable. APR rate of the card is 26.24%.

Blue from American Express

3Armed Forces Bank Credit Builder Secured Visa

Armed Forces Bank Credit Builder Secured Visa is another credit builder card which will help you to get rid of bad credit score. The card doesn’t ask for cash advance and balance transfer fee. The annual fee of the card is $25. Interest rate is 22.99% at the moment.

Armed Forces Bank Credit Builder Secured Visa

2Citizens Trust Bank Visa Privilege

Citizens Trust Bank Visa Privilege is providing low cash advance fee as $1.5 to you. There is no foreign transaction fee of the card and no balance transfer fee. APR rates can be between 13.74-21.74. It is based on your credit worthiness.

Citizens Trust Bank Visa Privilege

1Discover Secured Card

You will able to get 2% cash back with this card on gas and restaurant purchases. There is no annıal fee of the card. First 14 months balance transfer APR is going to be 10.99% instrad of 25.24%. You will receive unlimited 1% cash back for your all purchases. Besides you will receive cash backs match at the end of the year.

Discover Secured Card


  1. Armed Forces Bank is really interesting. I have never heard about it before. No cash advance and no balance transfer fee? This is good. I will call the bank.


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