Can Non-resident Alien Apply for Wells Fargo Credit Cards?


If you are not a U.S. resident, you can still apply for Wells Fargo credit cards. However you will need to specify this situation correctly to the bank. Otherwise your application is going to be rejected by authorities. We recommend you to give correct informations to the bank during the app.

How will you apply for a credit card as a non-resident in USA?

You will need to visit the card page of the bank through this address first: After you visit the page, pick the best credit card for your financial status and your credit score and click on apply button.

  Best Credit Cards in India 

Despite of being a non-resident, you will need to live in USA for getting one of Wells Fargo credit cards. Otherwise your application is not going to be accepted. If you have well established business in the country, your application can be accepted too. However this situation depends on many different facts.

The bank will ask general questions about you at the first stage. You will need to type your name and address correctly in the application form. At the end of the first application form, you will see an option as citizenship. You need to select “Non-resident alien” from the selections and then select your citizenship afterwards. All you need to do is filling required forms correctly after this step.

Does Wells Fargo Accept Applications from Abroad?

If you have an address in United States, they are going to accept the application if you even live in the abroad. However they are going to contact with you through that U.S address. You will also need to get your card from that address.

If you are a foreigner and don’t have any address in US and if you don’t also have the United States citizenship, you don’t have any chance to get one of those cards.

Some Wells Fargo Credit Cards You can Apply

These are some cards that we introduced on our website:

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